9 Step Grooming

Bring Out the Diva in Your Dog!

9 Steps to Spa Grooming For Your Own Dog

  • Pre-Bathing: Clean Ears (Cleaning, Plucking) and Eyes

  • Pre-Bathing: Brush out Mats and Tangles – Special Treatment

  • Bathing – Choose a Shampoo Suited to the Coat Type of Your Dog

  • Massage Shampoo into the Coat for deep cleaning and stress relief

  • Drying: Towel Dry by Hand or Use A Special Dog Approved Dryer

  • Nails: Trim Toe Nails With Care or File with Emery Board, Polish

  • Hair Clipping? – Let’s leave hair cutting to the Professional Groomer

  • Scented Grooming Sprays for Long Haired Dogs or Colognes for Short Coats

  • Hair Bows for the Ladies or Bandanas for the Guys

Daily Treatments

Brushing, combing, talking, fussing (reposition bows, spritz of cologne) Eye wiping, potty routines,