Cucumber Melon

Cucumber Melon Grooming Spritz


Professional Grooming Spray Cleans, conditions, detangles, takes out static and leaves a long-lasting fragrance. This spritz keeps the coat soft, clean and fluffy and adds highlights and luster. Very good for dogs with long skirts, like Cockers, L’hasa Apsos, Shih Tzus and Scotties and any dog with long hair.

Use after and in-between bathing to condition the coat, control fly-a-way and help reduce future tangles

Features & Benefits

  • Negative Electron Charge pulls out dust and static

  • Conditioners make combing and brushing easy

  • Separates the hair to help remove tangles quickly

  • Regular use helps prevent future tangles

  • High quality fragrance oils provide long-lasting scent


Spray on dry tangles, carefully comb out. Most over entire body (shield eyes) to control static. To remove dust, spray and brush out. Use in-between bathing to reduce static, take out dust and tangles, add luster and shine and maintain a soft, fluffy coat.

Recommended For:

All dogs with long hair. Dogs that have coats that tangle easily. Dogs with curly, fine coats like poodles, bedlingtons and coton de tulears; dogs with skirts like cockers, Scotties, Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus. Dogs with feathered tails and legs.