Grooming Spritz

Powder Puff, Cucumber Melon & Oatmeal Mango Grooming Spritzes


Professional Grooming Spray cleans, conditions, de-tangles, takes out static and leaves a long-lasting fragrance. This spritz keeps the coat soft, clean and fluffy and adds highlights and luster. A negative electric charge knocks out static and fly-a-way! It's very good for dogs with long, flowing skirts, or for Cockers, L’hasa Apsos, Shih Tzus, Westies & Scotties -  any dog with long hair.

Use after and in-between bathing to condition the coat, control fly-a-way, help reduce future tangles and make the next bath quicker - no tangles to brush out!


Powder Puff is a soft smelling mixture of baby powder and vanilla.

Cucumber Melon - is just that a crisp, clean and fresh scent.

Oatmeal Mango - is a natural and fruity combination.

Features & Benefits

  • Knocks out Static and Fly-A-Away fur
  • Conditioners make combing and brushing easy
  • Separates the hair to help remove tangles quickly
  • Regular use helps prevent future tangles
  • High quality fragrance provides long-lasting scent


Spray on dry tangles, carefully comb out. Most over entire body (shield eyes) to control static. To remove dust, spray and brush out. Use in-between bathing to reduce static, take out dust and tangles, add luster and shine and maintain a soft, fluffy coat.

Recommended For:

All dogs with long hair. Dogs that have coats that tangle easily. Dogs with curly, fine coats like poodles, Bedlingtons and Coton de Tulears; dogs with skirts like Cockers, Scotties, Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus, and Dogs with feathered tails and legs. Great for keeping Show Dogs in top style.