Spoil Your Pet

How to Spoil Your Pet

Our pets are members of the family and whether your pet is a dog, cat or critter you can treat your four footed loved-one with all the comforts of home no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Showing your love by lavishing attention on your pet – or “spoiling” it as some people call it – is what loving families do. Teaching our pets basic manners, feeding them wholesome food, making sure they get the exercise they need - it’s the least we can do in return for their unconditional love and loyalty. And, petting and playing with a pet is a great stress reliever for all the family members!

“Treat” Your Pet to the Best Products

Food - Feeding your pet is not exactly “spoiling” your pet but you can select the most nutritious food that meets the needs of your particular pet. Your veterinarian can recommend what he thinks is best for your pet in case it needs a special formula like hair ball treatment, weight loss, or a supplement for senior dogs. There are many super premium food formulas that contain omega-3 anti-oxidants for healthy skin and coat, and are fortified with added vitamins and minerals. Take time to read up on the breed of pet that you have and check for his/her special dietary needs. Good food will help give your pet a long and happy life.

Treats are for reinforcing your pet’s good behavior, as well as making them happy and giving them some special love when the occasion warrants it. Treats should be given on a limited basis so your pet doesn’t receive too many extra calories.

Make Sure your Dog is Trained in Basic Obedience

Lack of basic “manners” is the number one reason pets are taken to the shelter. Start your family and your pet out with basic obedience training at your local pet store or ask your pet store to recommend a trainer if they don’t have regular training classes at the store. Your dog should know the “down” command, be able to walk on a loose leash, sit and stay on command until released, ignore other dogs, noises and distractions and stay alone without anxiety.

Give Your Pet His/Her Own Special Place

Whether you decide to “crate train” your dog or not, he’ll need a bed that is his own special place – one that belongs to him and is always in the same place. Dogs need a bed that is safe and comfortable and fits their size. It should be kept clean and neat.

Pets Need Toys, Just Like Kids

Dogs especially, need things to keep them occupied. Toys provide activity for pets and keep them busy for varying lengths of time. They promote exercise and can even help clean teeth.

Keep Your Pet Clean and Well Groomed

If you’ve ever bathed a dog at home you know how excited they get after a bath. They are so invigorated and full of zest and energy! They feel good, just like we do after a refreshing, rejuvenating shower. Pets that go to the groomer for a haircut (grooming) also come out strutting with pride. Pets like to be clean and well groomed; it contributes to their health and well being. Whether you groom your pet at home or take them to the professional groomer, make sure your dog gets regular bathing and grooming. Cleaning out shedding hair and keeping their coat free of matted hair, dust, dirt, insects and tangles is an important part of grooming. Making sure the ears are free of dust, dirt and debris is also important – and don’t forget to clip those toenails! Dogs know when they look good and it makes them feel good!

Take Care of Your Pets Teeth

Vets today recommend brushing your pet’s teeth to limit plaque build up and infected teeth, which are just as painful for our pets as they are for us. There are many types of brushes and different kinds of toothpaste for pets at your local pet store. If you’re squeamish about actually brushing your pet’s teeth, look for bones and biscuits that are made with special additives for dental care and make sure your pet gets one once a day. Keep your pet’s teeth and mouth clean will help keep your pet healthy.

Pets Need Friends Too

Just like humans, pets need friends too. Locate the local dog park and take your dog for occasional visits to play with other pets. (Be sure it’s a park that requires spade or neutered pets with their shots up to date.) If there’s no designated dog park close, look for other people walking their dogs on the same schedule you do and see if your dogs can stop for awhile to play together. Socializing is fun for your dog and fun to watch!

Exercise Should Be a Daily Regimen for Dogs

Dogs, more than other pets need constant and consistent exercise. If you can’t walk your dog everyday, find a reliable Pet Walker / Sitter to do it for you. On weekends there are lots of sports activities you can do with your dog besides walking: Agility clubs, Fly Ball or Disc-ing (Frisbee) clubs, Competitive Obedience, Conformation Showing (Dog Shows), Swimming (Dock jumping) Hiking or Packing, Field Trials, Herding, Hunting, Mushing, Nose work, Retrieving, Skijoring, Sled racing, Tracking and Weight pulling.

Traveling? Find a Reliable Pet Sitter Who Will Come To Your Home

It’s stressful for your pets when you have to be away. Pets do better in their own environment, so find a professional pet sitter that caters to your needs. With a pet sitter your pet will be able to following his or her normal diet and eating schedule, their regular exercise routine and, if medical treatment is necessary for any reason, you can be assured your pet sitter will take your pet to his own vet. Your Pets will not be exposed to possible illness from other animals at a boarding kennel and won’t be stressed out by having to travel or adjust to an unfamiliar environment. Your pet sitter will provide individual, devoted attention to your animals. Best of all, you will be able to check with your sitter daily to see how your pets are doing and that will relieve your own stress and anxiety. Traveling isn’t easy anymore!