The Lost Dog

The Inspiration for Creating A “Signature Fragrance” for Viva La Dog Spa

The “power” of a having SIGNATURE scent can be explained by Viva La Dog Spa’s VP of Marketing, Barbara Denzer.

“Our parent company, Cardinal Laboratories, at one time made a line of eight “famous” fragrances for pets. Four of those fragrances were wildly successful for many years. They were versions of Giorgio, Opium, Poison and Polo. Women who loved those fragrances, also enjoyed them on their pets.”

“One Spring, I was working a trade show on the East Coast. A lady came to our booth and asked if we still made a cologne spray that smelled like Poison. She wanted to buy the cologne and she told me why.”

One afternoon a few years before she was driving down a turnpike in New Jersey and noticed a dog running alongside the highway. She was afraid it would run into the lanes and be hit by a car. She pulled over and managed to catch the dog! She said it was well behaved, clean and smelled good but had no identification.

Smartly, she decided to take the next exit off the road and find the closest grooming shop - to see if they knew the dog. When she found the first salon she came to and presented the dog, she was disappointed to find that they didn’t recognize it. She must not be from the area, they thought, or they would know it. But wait! One of the groomers recognized the dog’s fragrance!

That cologne, they told her, was the only one that Dolores, who had the shop in the next suburb to the East, used on every dog she bathed or groomed! It was her “signature” scent. They called Dolores and described the dog. Yes, Dolores knew whose dog it was! The family was frantically searching for their lost dog!

A lost dog found its way home because everyone for miles around recognized the fragrance Dolores chose to use for the “Signature” of her business.

We'd like to thank the hundreds of you that helped us select and name a Signature scent for Viva La Dog Spa fragrance - DEVOTION!  It's a fresh, clean scent that lasts a long time! Join us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the icons up near the top of the page!!