What is Pre-Cycling?

Our Product is Made by Solar Power!

are all concerned about the planet and the Viva La Dog SPA! wants to do our part to keep our wonderful world alive and well for our children, grandchildren and pets to enjoy for years to come.

  • Our products made in a SOLAR POWERED manufacturing plant.

  • That means saving Carbon Footprint in the making of every product.

  • We buy our bottles from a local source within 50 miles of our facility. Less footprint.

  • Our emails come from our solar powered web host

  • Our bottles, labels, bands and pumps are RECYCLABLE anywhere on the planet.

  • We also PRE-CYCLE if possible!

What is Pre-cycling?

Pre-cycling is a way to prevent waste from ending up in a landfill. It puts mistakes to good use. There are lots of companies that order packaging parts and then don’t use them for one reason or another. Maybe their product is obsolete and they have lots of never used bottles. Maybe they are overstocked because they (the computer!) ordered too much. Maybe their order was delivered in the wrong size or color. In the past, most of these things have been “written off” by companies and ended up in a dump somewhere. Today we can search websites of companies that put their unused packaging up for sale.

PRE-CYCLING actually helped INSPIRE the look of the Viva La Dog SPA products! We went searching for OVERSTOCK packaging and found these beautiful, translucent pink, fine-mist sprayers! They were the perfect size and color pumps to fit our bottles. The mist dispersal is perfect for the product. Even the dip tube was a good length! Another company had “changed their mind” and decided not to use pink - tens of thousands of them! So, we bought them and saved them from eventually going to a landfill. See how unique they make our products look!

Why should we all care about Pre-cycling?

You’d be surprised how much waste can be saved if we all do our part. If the Viva La Dog SPA! cares and explains what we’re doing maybe it will inspire another company to try. Every little bit helps. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

What Will You Do?

By the way, when you are finished with the luscious smelling grooming spray, we urge you to wash it out and find a good use for the bottle with the beautiful pink sprayers! If you have a good idea, we’ll tell everyone about it. (If not, please put it in the Re-Cycling basket!)

Here are a few ideas we know about already:

  • Judy L. from Texarkana uses it with water to spray her ironing.

  • Maria V. from San Diego uses it with water to mist her ferns!

  • A family in Oceanside, CA puts baby oil inside and uses it to spray on at the beach.

  • Juanita C. says it’s great to fill with water and spritz on your face on a hot day.

We hope they all bought more for their favorite dog! Oh, and here’s our favorite: Sheila G. in Escondido told us she just likes to keep it in her bathroom because it’s so pretty!